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The Grade Cricketer (TGC) is an Australian digital media venture with a satirical take on cricket across the globe.


Presented by two former Sydney grade cricketers, Sam Perry and Ian Higgins, TGC commands an audience of nearly 1 million on social media, and is home to a number one podcast internationally, broadcast TV appearances, national and international live show tours, and two best-selling books.

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Sam and Ian are two former Sydney grade cricketers with 20 years of combined, grizzled experience between them. Though they never crossed paths on-field, their backgrounds in law (Ian, right) and communications (Sam, left) respectively have helped them illuminate the rich, dark underbelly of cricket. With trademark irreverence, they chronicle cricket as it really is, with all its complex social dynamics and masculine by-play. That is why they work hard, and always round up.

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